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Restitution FAQs

QUESTION 1: How often is restitution disbursed?

ANSWER: Restitution is disbursed once a month. It is prorated unless specified otherwise in the Judgment. As long as there is $25 apportioned to a victim, a Treasury Check will be issued.

QUESTION 2: If a defendant makes a payment to the Court today, when will I receive payment?

ANSWER: Generally, payments received from the defendant are held 30 days prior to disbursement; however, different payment methodologies by the defendant result in different time periods held. For instance, if the defendant chooses to pay Restitution to the Court by Debit Card or online using, procedurally funds are held 120 days prior to disbursement. If a case is on Appeal, the funds are held until there is a Mandate received by the Court of Appeals.

QUESTION 3: Can I pay my Special Assessment, Fine or Restitution prior to my sentencing?

ANSWER: Yes, the Clerk’s office may accept payment of criminal debt funds from a defendant towards an anticipated special assessment, restitution or fine after the change of plea hearing but before sentencing only on Order of the Court. The fine, special assessment and/or restitution amounts are not final until the judgment is entered.

QUESTION 4: How can I apply my bail funds towards my Special Assessment, Fine or Restitution?

ANSWER: As long as the Surety agrees, we can amend the language in the Petition for the Return of Cash Bail (located under the Finance and Accounting tab) and apply funds towards criminal debt.

QUESTION 5: Does Restitution expire?

ANSWER: Yes, if the judgment was issued after 4/24/96, the debt will expire twenty years after the defendants’ release from Bureau of Prison custody.

QUESTION 6: The victim has died and I am a surviving beneficiary, can I receive the remaining restitution?

ANSWER: Please fill out an AO-141 with appropriate documentation and send back to the Court. It will be presented to the Judge for approval.

QUESTION 7: Why won’t my bank cash a U.S. Treasury check? (foreign victims)

ANSWER: If you are a foreign victim and are unable to cash a U.S. Treasury Check, please reach out to us at and we can try to arrange for an International Wire transfer.