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Biennial Registration

Deadline for 2023 Biennial Registration expired on October 2, 2023

  • Pursuant to Local Rule 83.1(a)(5), Chief Judge Sannes signed an Order of Attorney Removal on 11/20/23 removing all attorneys who failed to complete the biennial registration from the NDNY bar.
  • A copy of the Order of Removal is on file with the Clerk's Office.
  • All attorneys removed from the bar must reapply for admission submitting all the required paperwork, including a Certificate of Good Standing dated within the last 6 months from another Court, and pay the $249 admission fee, unless qualified for a waiver of the fee.
  • The Declaration of Sponsor is not required for applicants seeking reinstatement pursuant to L.R. 83.1(a)(5) after being removed for failure to complete the biennial registration.
  • Instructions can be found at

WARNING: Requests for Certificates of Good Standing will be denied for attorneys who fail to pay the Biennial Registration by the due date.

Biennial Registraion pursuant to Local Rule 83.1(a)(5)

All attorneys admitted to the Northern District of New York bar are required to complete the Biennial Registration, even if they qualify for a waiver of the fee.

  • The court will notify you via the email address provided in your bar record when your Biennial Registration is due.
  • The Biennial Registration Fee is $50.00 and is paid electronically through Pay.Gov (payments are not accepted by regular mail). Each attorney must pay the fee by logging into PACER and navigating to the Northern District of New York's NextGen/CM/ECF site.
  • Effective January 1, 2021, pursuant to Local Rule 83.1(a)(5), all members of the bar, including attorneys with waived payment status, must affirm under the penalties of perjury their attorney disciplinary history and criminal history, or lack thereof. Attorneys will make this affirmation at the time of making a Biennial Fee Payment or filing a Biennial Fee Waiver request via CM/ECF.
  • Attorneys employed by a federal, state or local public sector entity will also be required to affirm their current employment status each biennial year via CM/ECF.
  • Attorneys admitted during a Biennial year, admitted Pro Hac Vice, or employed by the U.S. Government, the State of New York, a county in New York State, or another public sector entity are not required to pay the fee, but they still must file a Biennial Fee Waiver request.

Check your Spam Mail Filters and Email Security Settings

  • The mass email blast will come from the following Court’s email addresses: and/or
  • Attorneys are responsible for ensuring that their spam mail filters and email security are set to permit delivery of a mass email.
  • The above email addresses are used by the Court to notify the bar of court announcements, Local Rules updates, procedure updates, court news and events, and the instructions and deadline for completing the biennial registration.
  • Failure to timely complete the biennial registration renewal due to non-receipt of the Court’s emails as a result of spam or security filters or outdated email address in their bar record will result in the attorney’s removal from the bar.

Instructions for Paying Biennial Fee

To pay the Biennial Fee, you must first log into PACER and navigate to the NextGen/CM/ECF site for the Northern District of New York.

All attorneys admitted to practice in the Northern District of New York must do one of the following each biennial year:

  1. Pay the $50 biennial registration fee via CM/ECF and affirm good standing: Please follow the Instructions for Paying Biennial Registration Fee for making the 2023 biennial registration fee; or
  2. Request a waiver of the Biennial Fee via CM/ECF and affirm good standing/current employer: Please follow the Instructions for Biennial Fee Waiver if you are employed full-time by a federal, state or local public sector entity.

Locate Bar Roll Number

If you do not know your Bar Roll number you can locate it using our Attorney Lookup application. To handle your password changes or password requests you must go through the PACER Service Center.

Updating Information

Pursuant to the NYND Local Rules you must keep the Court apprised of any address changes, electronic and/or physical, within 14 days of such change. If you wish to update your Bar Record information review this instructional document.

Refund of Fee

If you inadvertently paid your Biennial Fee twice electronically, follow the instructions for Refund of Fees Paid Electronically.