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Biennial Registration

The Northern District Board of Judges has suspended the 2021 Biennial Registration in accordance with the provisions of the Local Rule. In lieu of payment, this fee will be held in abeyance with the biennial cycle renewing in 2022. All permanent active members of the Northern District bar will be notified when the 2022 Biennial Registration cycle begins and payments will be accepted.

The court will notify you via email when your Biennial Registration is due.

The Biennial Registration Fee only applies to members of the New York Northern District Court Bar. The Biennial Registration Fee is $50.00 and is paid electronically through Pay.Gov (payments are not accepted by regular mail). Each attorney must pay the fee by logging into PACER and navigating to the Northern District of New York's NextGen/CM/ECF site.

The fee does not apply to members who were admitted during a Biennial year, are admitted Pro Hac Vice, or the attorney works for the U.S. Government, the State of New York, a county in New York State, or another public sector entity. If you received the email notification and you are exempt, you must email to inform of the error.

WARNING: Requests for Certificates of Good Standing will be denied for attorneys who fail to pay the Biennial Registration by the due date.

Instructions for Paying Biennial Fee

To pay the Biennial Fee, you must first log into PACER and navigate to the NextGen/CM/ECF site for the Northern District of New York.

*If you have not linked your CM/ECF account to PACER as required by this Court since January of 2018 when we went live with NextGen, you will not have the option to select Civil in CM/ECF in step 2 below. Please follow the instructions on the link to the left for “Link Pacer Account to CM/ECF” first, and then after you have successfully linked your account, then you may proceed with the following instructions.

*You also will need an upgraded PACER account. Instructions for upgrading your PACER account can be found at

  1. Log into PACER - Navigate to the Northern District of New York.
  2. Click on Civil at the Top of the Screen (In the Blue Bar), under Other Filings, click Biennial Fee Payment.
  3. Under the Available Events, select the event Biennial Fee Payment and hit Next (There is no need to attach a document to this event).
  4. Hit Next.
  5. Screen appears advising that the fee is $50.00.
  6. Hit Next.
  7. The filing attorney is re-directed to Pay.Gov to pay the associated $50.00 fee. The item is payable by Bank Account Debit (ACH) or Plastic Card (ex: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover).
  8. Complete the Pay.Gov payment screens to process the payment.
    • 1st Screen – Complete all fields with Red Asterisk and then Click Continue with ACH Payment or Continue with ACH Payment depending on the selected method of payment.
    • 2nd Screen – Verify Information and enter email address; Click in the Box I authorize a charge to my account for the above amount in accordance with my card issuer agreement; Click Submit Payment.
  9. YOU ARE ALMOST DONE! - You will be redirected back to CM/ECF. Hit Next and view the Docket Text.
  10. Hit Next again, and the transaction is submitted; These final steps will ensure that your attorney record is updated to reflect the biennial payment.

Locate Bar Roll Number

If you do not know your Bar Roll number you can locate it using our Attorney Lookup application. To handle your password changes or password requests you must go through the PACER Service Center.

Updating Information

Pursuant to the NYND Local Rules you must keep the Court apprised of any address changes, electronic and/or physical, within 14 days of such change. If you wish to update your Bar Record information review this instructional document.

Refund of Fee

If you inadvertently paid your Biennial Fee twice electronically, follow the instructions for Refund of Fees Paid Electronically.

Biennial Removal and Reapplying for Admission

Pursuant to Local Rule 83.1 (a) 5., to gain readmittance to the Northern District of New York, non-paying attorneys must satisfy all of the admission requirements set forth in Local Rule 83.1(a). To reapply for admission, log into your PACER account and submit your application by following the steps in this LINK.