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Public Access to Court Proceedings

Request for Public Access to Court Proceedings

For any public court proceedings being held remotely by videoconference or teleconference, a member of the public or press may submit a request to listen or view that proceeding via remote access by sending an email to no later than one hundred eighty (180) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the proceeding.

Please provide the case name, the case number, the date and time of the proceeding, a phone number, and an email address, if different from the requesting email address. It is in the sole discretion of the Judicial Officer presiding over the remote proceeding to grant or deny the request.

Please note that the Court does not provide remote access to any court proceeding that is held in person in the courthouse. All courthouses are open to the public to view court proceedings in person. A calendar of proceedings can be viewed on the Court’s website at


Remote Proceedings May Not Be Photographed or Recorded

Pursuant to General Order #63, members of the public or media using remote access shall comply with Local Rule 5.1.7 which “prohibits recording of any court proceeding, regardless of the medium, without prior notification and approval from the presiding judicial officer.”

Members of the public or media accessing judicial proceedings remotely are NOT permitted to photograph, record, copy, or rebroadcast the proceedings in whole or in part, in any manner.

Members of the public or media shall not disrupt the proceedings in any manner, and shall follow all instructions of the presiding judge relating to remote access. Failure to comply may result in remote access being terminated without warning.

Any member of the public or media who violates any prohibition governing remote access to judicial proceedings, or who otherwise, disrupts any judicial proceeding, may be subject to sanctions, including contempt sanctions, restrictions on or denial of entry to future hearings, and/or any other sanction deemed necessary and appropriate by the presiding judge.