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ADR Program

For detailed information on the Alternate Dispute Resolution/Mandatory Mediation Program please refer to General Order #47.

Cases ending in digits 0-4, Nicole Eallonardo, ADR Coordinator, at (315) 234-8603
Cases ending in digits 5-9, Renata Hohl, Courtroom Deputy, at (315) 234-8593

For Mediators who are non-members of the New York Northern Bar and are in need of submitting mandatory mediation documents for filing please use this form. All others should file their documents using CM/ECF.

Programs Offered

Mandatory Mediation

Assisted Mediation


Mediators (Court Approved)


Pursuant to General Order #47, applications are now being accepted October 1 through October 31, 2019. Applications will be reviewed by the ADR Committee who will make recommendations to the Board of Judges for consideration at the December meeting. You will be notified by the Court of the status of your application thereafter.

**Note** Court approved hourly rates are $150 per hour for the first two hours of the initial mediation session. If necessary the mediator may charge an additional $150/hour for up to two hours of preparation time for cases which require substantial preparation. Thereafter, the rate is capped at $325 per hour.