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Before Submitting Papers to the Court...

Before submitting papers to the Northern District of New York District Court, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are my papers signed and dated and does the assigned case number appear on the first page of my submission?
  2. Did I serve a copy of my papers on my opponent (in most cases, by serving his or her counsel) and did I include an affidavit or certificate of service? See Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
  3. If I am requesting ANY relief from the Court, is my request in the form of a motion in accordance with Local Rule 7.1? Does my motion have all the necessary supporting papers (e.g., supporting affidavit, memorandum of law, etc.)?
  4. If I am filing a motion to amend my complaint, did I attach a copy of my proposed amended complaint to the motion? (see Failure to Respond to SJ Motion)
  5. Do I have a copy of my papers for my own records?


  • A reply to an answer is not authorized and may NOT be filed without prior Court approval.
  • Supplemental papers, even if they relate to your complaint, petition, or motion, may NOT be filed without prior Court approval.
  • Parties shall NOT file discovery requests, or answers and responses to those notices and requests, except as ordered by the Court; provided, however, that a party may file discovery material in support of a motion (e.g., a motion to compel or for summary judgment), or in advance of trial.
  • Reply papers are NOT permitted without the Court's prior permission unless you are replying to opposition to a dispositive motion that you filed (e.g., a motion for summary judgement or for judgment on the pleadings).