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Attorney Admission: NextGen FAQ

QUESTION 1:   How do I apply for Admission?

ANSWER:   The application process is electronic and must be submitted via your individual upgraded PACER account.  Click here for instructions. 

QUESTION 2:   What is the fee for admission?

ANSWER:  $249.  After you submit your application for admisson through PACER, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to pay the $249 admission fee (electronically via credit card).  Upon receipt of your payment, your electronic filing access will be activated and you can begin filing electronically with the court. 

QUESTION 3:  How do I apply for admission Pro Hac Vice?

ANSWER:   See Instructions for Pro Hac Vice and Electronic Filing Access in Northern District of New York.

QUESTION 4:  I am not admitted in New York State. Can I apply for admission to the Northern District?

ANSWER:   Yes. However, Local Rule 83.1(b) requires that your Certificate of Good Standing be from the highest court of the state to which you are admitted or from a United States District Court.

QUESTION 5:   I am an attorney with the United States Government. What specific forms should I submit with my application?

ANSWER: A Motion from a member of the bar of this Court is required along with a Petition, E-filing Registration Form, and Proposed Order. See Local Rule 83.1(e) as some federal attorneys may require a Certificate of Good Standing.

QUESTION 6:  How can I get a Certificate of Good Standing?

ANSWER:   Attorneys can e-file their request for a Certificate of Good standing via CM/ECF using the event "Request for Certificate of Good Standing" found under Civil Events/Other Filings. During the transaction, you can select your preference for a traditional Certificate with a raised seal or an electronic version.  Check the requirements of the Court to which you seek admission to determine their requirements.

QUESTION 7:  What is the Biennial Registration Fee?

ANSWER:  The Biennial Registration Fee, established in 2001, is due every two years on the 30th day of June. Click HERE for additional information about the Biennial Registration Fee.

QUESTION 8:  How do I update my address information with the Court?

ANSWER:   Changes to your mailing address and primary e-mail address must be updated through your PACER account.  Click here for the steps on how to update your bar information.  Updates to secondary e-mail addresses must be made in CM/ECF NextGen, 'Maintain Your Account.'

QUESTION 9:   I was admitted to the Northern District of New York prior to 1990 and have not practiced in the court since.  Do I need to reapply for admission and pay the admission fee again?

ANSWER:   Yes.  You must reapply for admission through PACER and pay the full admission fee.

QUESTION 10:    I am an attorney with a primary practice in Bankruptcy Court, how does this impact me?

ANSWER:  NYND Bankruptcy Court is not upgrading to CM/ECF NextGen at this time.  An attorney who wants to practice in Bankruptcy Court must first be admitted to the District Court.   Attorneys already admitted to the NYND prior to January 16, 2018, will need to have an individual PACER account and will have to link this PACER account to their current District Court CM/ECF account in order to file electronically in District Court to pay their Biennial Registration Fee.