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Courtroom Technology FAQ

QUESTION 1: Which courtrooms have Video Evidence Technology available?

ANSWER: Presentation both audio and visual is available in the majority of the Courtrooms in which proceedings take place. If a special accomodation for presentation is necessary, it is important to inform your courtroom deputy so they can coordinate with information technology staff to support your needs.

QUESTION 2: My laptop has a presentation on it, can I display this material throughout the courtroom?

ANSWER: Yes. Each counsel table has one VGA input per table. An additional VGA input is also available on the podium. (Please test your laptop prior to the proceeding to ensure that you have the ability to distribute video.) Most laptops come equipped with this feature, however some older laptops may require additional software and/or changes in the laptop's configuration settings).

QUESTION 3:  Is there Internet Access available in the courtroom?
ANSWER: No. Internet access is not available in the courtrooms. Please prepare all your material to be accessed locally from your PC.

QUESTION 4:  Can I bring witnesses to the courtroom prior to proceedings to prepare and orient them with the available technology?
ANSWER: Yes. Witnesses can be brought to the courtroom prior to proceedings to prepare and test the available equipment. To do so, simply coordinate with the courtroom deputy for the presiding judge.

QUESTION 5: Will Court personnel assist me setting up my presentation on the system?
ANSWER: Yes. We will assist you if arrangements are made BEFORE your court date to test your equipment or practice with our equipment. Court personnel will not fix or modify your laptop or personal equipment to work with our system. We suggest that you bring your own computer support for any technology for which you are unfamiliar.

QUESTION 6: What if a piece of equipment fails during trial or is not available when I come to trial?
ANSWER: We make every effort to keep the equipment functional in the courtrooms. However, at times courtrooms do experience disruptions. If this occurs during a proceeding, we will do everything possible to resolve the problem quickly. We encourage that you arrive before trial starts to insure that all equipment is functional. However, trial will not be postponed for technology reasons. Be prepared, if necessary, to present without the equipment.

QUESTION 7: I would like to use a piece of equipment that is not in the courtroom; can I bring my own with me?
ANSWER:Yes. If you have other equipment that you would like to bring into the courtroom(i.e. large projector screen) PRIOR approval must be granted.   The Judge in your proceeding with make the determination if this request will be granted.  We make every attempt to provide the most current technology.   In most cases our system has the ability to integrate with a majority of presentation devices. i.e. projector, tape player and etc.

QUESTION 8: I have to arrange a Video Conference, what should I do?

ANSWER: To schedule a video call you must first check with the courtroom deputy for the judge's approval and to schedule the call. Our video conference system is the latest technology and is compatible with most other video conference systems. However, we can not guarantee compatibility with other systems. Because there are many different protocols and hardware versions of video conference equipment available, you MUST make a test call into the court before your proceeding date to ensure compatibility.