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ADR Program

The Pilot Mandatory Mediation Program has been adopted by the Court according to Amended General Order #47.

Cases ending in digits 0-4, Nicole Eallonardo, ADR Coordinator, at (315) 234-8563
Cases ending in digits 5-9, Judi McNicholas, Courtroom Deputy, at (315) 234-8573

For Mediators who are non-members of the New York Northern Bar and are in need of submitting mandatory mediation documents for filing please use this form. All others should file their documents using CM/ECF.

Programs Offered

Mandatory Mediation

Assisted Mediation


Mediators (Court Approved)


Applications for new mediators to the Northern District of New York Mandatory Mediation Program during the months of August, September and October.Currently the 2016 season is closed. Applications will be submitted to the Board of Judges at the quarterly meeting in September or December depending when they are received.

  • Application to become a Court Approved Mediator (CLOSED SEASON)