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ADR Program

The Pilot Mandatory Mediation Program has been adopted by the Court according to Amended General Order #47. It will now be referred to as the Northern District of New York Mandatory Mediation Program.

Cases ending in digits 0-4, Nicole Eallonardo, ADR Coordinator, at (315) 234-8603
Cases ending in digits 5-9, Renata Hohl, Courtroom Deputy, at (315) 234-8593

For Mediators who are non-members of the New York Northern Bar and are in need of submitting mandatory mediation documents for filing please use this form. All others should file their documents using CM/ECF.

Programs Offered

Mandatory Mediation

Assisted Mediation


Mediators (Court Approved)


Applications to become a mediator with the Northern District of New York Mandatory Mediation Program are currently being accepted through October 31, 2018 pursuant to the District's Mandatory Mediation Program - General Order #47. Applications will be submitted for consideration to the Board of Judges at their quarterly meeting in December, 2018.

**Note** Court approved hourly rates are $150 per hour for the first two hours of the initial mediation session. If necessary the mediator may charge an additional $150/hour for up to two hours of preparation time for cases which require substantial preparation. Thereafter, the rate is capped at $325 per hour.